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LuxNetwork S.A. launches Luxembourg Web Services

Luxembourg Web Services delivers a powerful, secure and the first “Public Cloud” hosted 100% in Luxembourg for the benefit of start-ups, businesses and selfemployed via a flexible, professional cloud.

LuxNetwork S.A. is proud to present its very latest platform dedicated to the hosting and deployment of web resources. Luxembourg Web Services (LWS) is deployed to support developers, entrepreneurs, associations and public services in their web projects. To make it possible, LuxNetwork S.A. is providing this professional and upgradeable in real time Cloud infrastructure.

Currently start-ups and businesses need a high degree of flexibility in terms of resources and infrastructure, given that the success of a product may depend upon rapid deployment of resources. Moreover, decision makers on the market don’t want complex, heavy and costly infrastructure. For the configuration, they want a simple and flexible tool, without worrying about its underlying technical complexities. Luxembourg Web Services fully meets those requirements while being highly affordable at the same time – you can have a functional environment for less than €10 a month”, explains Julien Doussot, Chief Product Officer of LuxNetwork S.A.

An exclusive partnership

Luxembourg Web Services is unique and innovative. Thanks to its exclusive partnership in Luxembourg, with Jelastic technology, a company based in Palo Alto, where modern web innovators such as James Gosling (Java) or Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP) are based, combines with IBM Pure servers hosted in a Tier IV infrastructure, Luxembourg Web Services can comfortably meet requirements of the new generation of start-up creators and innovative companies. LWS is “Plug & Work” complient, in a couple of clicks, resources and solutions are available together with over 250 applications, all without commitment.
We also wanted to use Luxembourg Web Services to correct the common misconception of the Luxembourgish cloud as being more expensive than the service offered by Amazon and OVH. We were therefore looking for a new model that would allow us to offer a product that is both feasible and competitive. The idea for this platform came to us when we heard that the government had opted to place one of its web-sites abroad because there was no competitive 100% Luxembourgish option available”.

The invoicing system is actually based on the “Pay-as-you-use” concept. Users of LWS only pay an hourly rate for their use that they control according to their current requirements, all with a single click. Moreover with Luxembourg Web Services the Internet traffic is free and unlimited.

With Luxembourg Web Services, LuxNetwork S.A. is meeting the specific requirements of startups and businesses using web technology. The models have changed, the options and solutions that we are offering are now all about flexibility, modularity and simplicity” stresses Julien Doussot, before concluding “We are proud to be able to offer this unique service on the Luxembourgish market, because we are convinced that offering a solution like Luxembourg Web Services can be good not only for the image of LuxNetwork S.A. as an innovator but also for the image of the Grand Duchy as a whole”.

This is just the start of the Luxembourg Web Services adventure – we want to develop an entire community around this “Store”, bringing together LuxNetwork’s extensive portfolio of services and those of its partners.

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