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Jelastic Joker Release 4.0 with Advanced Docker Containers as a Trump Card

Jelastic presented Docker technology updates within improved UI, providing ability to scale containers horizontally, redeploy without downtime and swap custom domains.

Palo Alto, Calif., October 20, 2015Jelastic, Inc., a leader in cloud container orchestration and DevOps workload mobility, today announced their latest release named Joker (Jelastic + Docker), to represent the company’s latest innovations in Docker technology.

“After integration of Docker containers to the Jelastic we’ve got lots of positive feedback and kept on working to make this technology even more advanced within our cloud platform. The Joker release brings flexibility and security for DevOps with сontainers to the next level,” Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Docker has been integrated to Jelastic platform about a year ago. Since that time a set of enhancements was implemented to improve the performance and user experience. The enlarged number of available possibilities, let developer and system administrators tune their containers. Docker engine was also updated from 1.6.2 to 1.8, that gives Jelastic users the ability to work with Docker Registry 2.x repositories.

« We are proud to be a Jelastic partner, and especially excited about their enhanced support for Docker. Jelastic is built upon the Virtuozzo platform, whose combination of containers, hypervisors, and virtualized object storage is used in over one million production instances, » said John Lawler, Sr. Director of Virtualization Product Marketing at Odin. « Jelastic’s latest release further strengthens a highly scalable platform for easily building secure production solutions for service providers, enterprises, and DevOps. »

Docker related improvements include, but not limited to

  • Horizontal Scaling for Docker Containers

One of the most significant features of this release is that Docker containers in Jelastic can now be scaled horizontally, as well as vertically.

  • UI Redesign for Better User Experience

The user interface for a Docker container orchestration has been redesigned to be even more intuitive.

  • Custom Domains for Docker

Added the ability to bind and swap custom domain names to Docker containers for users to update their project and test these changes with zero downtime deployment.

  • Support of Stateful Containers with Live Migration

Live migration allows to move stateful apps from one hardware region to another without downtime and with no need to restart and re-deploy containers.

  • Software Defined Storage for Containers

Improvements related to infrastructure fault tolerance allow to restore automatically Docker containers at their latest state in case of hardware fail.

  • Native Virtuozzo OS Template for Docker Containers

Better integration with Virtuozzo technology to improve security and isolation of Docker containers.

  • Pre-Installation Access to Docker Container Settings

Now a developer can browse, edit and apply any necessary changes of environment variables with no need to download the whole Docker image in advance.

  • Docker Volumes

Volumes are used to securely store the data out of the container, while different internal operations are performed such as redeploy of a container with another tag version.

  • Docker Container Redeployment

An existing Docker container can be easily updated to a new version with all previously defined settings. Multiple identical Docker containers can be re-deployed sequentially or in parallel.

  • Auto Redirect of Docker Application Port

Applications inside Docker containers can get the incoming requests via shared load balancing with no need in Public IP.

To view the full list of new features and improvements of Jelastic Joker 4.0 look through our Release Notes.

« Thanks to innovations in Jelastic Release 4.0, we are entering a new level of production-ready Docker Hosting. Our customers profit of an unmatched simplicity and scalability when managing their Docker Containers on our Swiss-based Cloud Platform.« , says innofield co-founder Reto Giezendanner.

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Luxembourg Web Service Powered by Jelastic Announces Docker Integration to Provide the Most Advanced Orchestrated Application Delivery

Jelastic, Inc., the first company that combined unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) into one solution, has announced integration with Docker using Parallels Cloud Server. The collaboration will allow service providers to enable continuous application delivery, fully elastic scalability and integrated orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud. This is the first industry solution that combines Docker’s application delivery approach and Parallels containers, fully managed via Jelastic PaaS.

Docker, Jelastic and Parallels Cloud Server are complementary to each other. Docker addresses application assembly, delivery and portability; Jelastic provides orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud; and Parallels Cloud Server offers container and storage infrastructure performance and availability.

“Docker is the best application format delivery ever! The Docker team has shifted the containers conversation in the marketplace to help bring a renewed focus on containers virtualization technology and how it can be utilized with a new application delivery format. By leveraging containers technology from the beginning, we’re confident our long-term strategy in the PaaS layer is solid,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

“We believe the evolution of Docker is not finished yet and requires more attention on the virtualization layer to finally deliver the promised high density, together with an advanced level of security and live migration of containers on top of bare metal hardware. It’s obvious that hosting of Docker templates inside a VM is not efficient enough and can be improved to deliver the original promise of containers virtualization. Moreover, this point becomes dramatically important if you think about economy, TCO, performance, licensing and management complexity of private cloud and cloud-in-a-box solutions designed for DevOps. So we are very pleased to announce the first industry solution that contains an extremely useful application delivery approach from Docker and the most mature containers, virtualization technology from Parallels,” concluded Synytsky.

Docker standard in Jelastic allows the companies to reach a wider market of public and private cloud customers who require more automation, security, optimization of resources consumption and flexibility, while setting and managing their applications, clusters and services.

“Containers have been a well known technology to hosting service providers since 2001. They are used by thousands of hosting service providers around the world for hosting millions of end users’ applications in a very cost-effective way. Jelastic is pioneering a cloud platform which uses Parallels Virtuozzo Containers to deliver services. The combination of the Docker deployment and highly secure containers virtualization from Parallels allows Jelastic to provide the most cost effective platform for hosting both public and private clouds.,” said James Bottomley, chief technology officer, Virtualization, Parallels. “Our work with Jelastic means that Docker users can now run their containers securely and at high density within Parallels Cloud Server.”

Increasing Functionality for Service Providers
With the integration of Docker standard across the Jelastic platform, users will now have more flexibility and options while installing any stack, application or system.
Customers will also get the added benefits of Parallels Cloud Server and Jelastic PaaS. Features include the following:

  • Live migration of Dockers: Cloud service providers will be able to migrate Dockers from one physical server to the other with zero downtime, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Granular division of physical servers into containers with Docker but not into VMs: As a result, a user is not restricted with limited resources of the virtual machine, but can scale the application throughout the whole server.
  • High density and maximum utilization of server resources: This results in the best return-on-investment for the customer.
  • Full isolation and security of containers: Each Docker gets complete privacy and becomes unavailable for other users due to the full isolation of RAM, CPU, IO, filesystem and network for each container.
  • Smart distribution of Docker from one environment evenly on different physical servers: This eliminates any risk of application downtime if one of the physical servers has any issues with performance and provides high availability of users’ applications.
  • Optimal use of resources with the help of hibernation: Non-active Dockers can be hibernated automatically and do not consume resources (only disc space), the released resources are returned back to the cluster.
  • Automation and resource management: Automatic vertical scaling ensures that Docker will get the required resources in time and will not face any performance degradation. For public cloud users this approach significantly saves money as they pay only for what they use, instead of trying to use what they pay for.
  • Full orchestration: With Jelastic, you get all necessary services and tools for managing your Dockers (creating clustered solutions, setting load balancing, etc.) out-of-the-box right from the admin panels (for developers and cluster admins).

Jelastic, with the support of Docker standard, will provide developers with a joint platform that lets them easily host and manage all types of applications or services, within a wide choice of datacenters around the world. Docker’s lightweight, simplicity, portability and appeal to developers will become a positive addition for Jelastic’s flexibility and technology superiority on the cloud market.

“Everybody talks about Docker, the hyped application format delivery,” said Timo Mankartz, CEO of dogado GmbH. “Docker is the first technology that makes it possible to standardize application containers. For Jelastic, Docker offers enormous potential when it comes to our 0-Vendor-Lock-In concept in Jelastic. With Docker, we allow it to package and migrate applications along with their dependencies between all Docker compatible providers.”


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