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What can the SilverStripe digital platform do for your business?

Your savings

There are no licensing fees for the use of SilverStripe, so your savings are immediate, but read on because there are other advantages to using our framework.

Your flexibility

SilverStripe is both CMS and framework and its flexibility allows you to mould the SilverStripe system to fit your business without requiring you to reinvent the wheel. This is especially true compared to other CMS frameworks that struggle to overlay and be compatible with older, more regulated enterprise systems.

Your freedom

Other CMS systems can constrain businesses due to an overreliance on their rigid frameworks. Our more fluid framework allows businesses to customise the CMS without complex and costly bespoke requirements. Rather than constant reinvention to meet your web requirements, easily create functionality with our range of add-on modules.

Your team

Our CMS and framework are built using best practices and will clearly define teams, roles and processes for your business. Designers use the template engine, developers use the framework, and content authors use the CMS. Simplicity. More complex configuration will be kept under the hood and looked after by developers, so authors can focus on what they do best — managing your content and communicating with your business.

Your look and feel

SilverStripe won’t dictate the look and feel of your website, but will allow you the freedom to easily integrate with any front end html to ensure your brand is always presented the way you want it. SilverStripe won’t pin you down with rigid templates and will give you control of your creative freedom.

Your intellectual property

The Berkeley Software Distribution license (BSD) is good for business. As it’s a permissive license, the BSD allows you a combination of open-source and proprietary code whereby any commercially valuable feature you build or integrate will not have to be contributed back into the open-source project. This allows cost effective web development while allowing for the expansion of commercial intellectual property.

Your support

With other CMS systems it can be a struggle to find adequate information and support, but SilverStripe has a close knit community of developers that interact in dedicated forums, social media, meetups and in the SilverStripe developer networks. You can also find official SilverStripe development partners, service providers and contractors all around the globe that you can contact to discuss your project needs, including the web legends at the SilverStripe head office.

Your data

SilverStripe is perfect for collecting and storing data, and gives you the freedom to slice and dice it however you need to. Your web developers will find our object-relational mapping (ORM) powerful and easy to use for more complex, data driven websites.

Your SilverStripe

As well as plenty of online support from the developer community, you can rely upon the web specialist at the SilverStripe head office to offer a range of products and services that will help make your people, systems and business better.


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