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    Public Cloud 100%
    in Luxembourg
    In Partnership with Jelastic, LuxNetwork
    provide a new kind of cloud.
    Platform-as-Infrastructure solution is truly
    the cloud converged without limits.
    Go !
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    Upgrade your account
    within the first week
    and get a 50% bonus
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    Deploy your app in Second
    250+ applications for one-click installation
    Integrated marketplace into intuitive UI
    No code changes
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    Datacenter Tier IV + IBM
    = Professionnal Cloud
    LuxNetwork uses the latest IBM
    Technologies to run LWS.
    The IBM Pure system offer deeply integrates compute nodes, storage,
    networking and virtualization into a high end system.
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    First Cloud
    to support Docker
    Docker support



Starting at only 6€

Luxembourg Web Services is the first public cloud where you pay the ressource that you use (hourly based). You can now start your project for a fractional cost of existing virtualized environnement in the market.


Located in Luxembourg

All your datas are located in a country where the privacy and the data protection are not just a concept but embedded in the culture since its creation.

Datacenter Tier IV

Luxembourg Web Services runs on a new IBM© Pure flex Infrastructure in the latest and most secure Datacenter in the world. Tier IV is the highest certification delivered by uptime institute®.

Platform Luxembourg Web Services

One-click Deployment

Stay focused on your Business!


What We Offer

  • Deployment is Faster

    Deploy our integrated solution on bare metal in days, not months, because we provide the entire software stack. Developers can deploy applications in seconds with no code changes.

  • Management is Simpler

    Cloud IT administrators use a single management console to control cloud resources. Meanwhile, developers can configure their own application environments using a drag-and-drop dashboard.

  • Any Application can be Supported

    No complex APIs to code to and no code changes required. New or legacy applications can be migrated to the cloud in minutes. Simply upload and go.

  • Server Optimization – Maximum Density

    Elastic scaling provides the maximum density for application environments. Efficient server
    utilization means maximum ROI for enterprises and hosting service providers.

  • Fully Elastic Scalability

    Automatic vertical scalability supports growth and shrinkage of application environments within a server. Horizontal scaling across servers guarantees performance and availability.

  • Enterprise-Class Availability

    Isolated containers mean that failures do not affect other environments. Database replication and horizontal scalability ensure the highest availability.

Configuration and Management

Configuration and management
Application Development and Deployment

Application Development and Deployment

Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Automatic Vertical Horizontal Scaling

Powered by the Best in class cloud Software Jelastic

With Luxembourg Web Services you have the opportunity to reduce your time to market and benefit of the Luxembourg Datacenter environment at a very competitive market price.

Julien Doussot, Chief Product Officer

They trust us to run their business

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